The other night we boarded a mysterious ferry and arrived at ArtRave. ArtRave was the culmination of all of Gaga's efforts for Artpop and was a giant party focusing on art, technology, fashion and music. Definitely one our wildest party experiences ever. We got off the boat to blaring music and entered the warehouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. We were instantly surrounded by brand new sculptures by the legendary artist Jeff Koons. In the center of the room was a giant white spiral stage, with rooms of art galleries behind it. We danced and explored the venue and snacked on grilled cheese and hot dogs which were provided by food trucks stationed outside amongst fires pits to keep the crowd warm. We even bumped into some of our favorite designers Alexander Wang, and Gareth Pugh. We chatted with Pugh for a quick minute and hit it off because Zac was wearing a design of his that night. Around 1am, Gaga took the stage and performed a number of her songs while speaking messages of kindness and acceptance. While making her entrance Gaga, parted the crowd in 2007 Gareth Pugh, which happened to be from the same collection that Zac was wearing! All in all, the party was pretty next level and packed with notable people such as Christian Siriano, Tony Bennet and Marina Ambramovic. 



With his long white hair, and gleaming smile, Michael Costiff, celebrated the launch of his memoir "Michael and Gerlinde's World" last week at BookMarc, here in NYC. The book is a collection of scrap books and diary entries kept by Michael and his late wife Gerlinde, dating back from the 70's.  

The couple was once described by Vanity Fair as 'London's Undisputed King and Queen of Urban Chic', a title that is easily proven throughout the pages of the memoir. Costiff has notably modeled for Comme Des Garcons and Martin Margiela in the past. As well as surrounding himself with an impressive group of friends such as Vivienne Westwood, Pam Hogg, and Boy George.

The party itself felt more like a high school reunion then a book signing, as many of Michael's impeccably dressed old friends such as Susanne Bartsch, Kenny Kenny, and Hamish Bowles were present.  It was great to finally meet Michael and spend some time with him while he was in New York, as Susanne has spoken so highly of him in the past. The book is an amazing source of nightlife history and inspiration, so make sure you pickup a copy for yourself. Congratulations Michael!

Hamish Bowles and Michael Costiff
Jarrett Edward and Zac Weiss
Susanne Bartsch
Kenny Kenny 

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Susanne Bartsch and Zac Weiss

This Halloween we had the chance to host Susanne Bartsch's legendary Halloween party. It was at Buddkan this year and was geisha themed! This was one of the first parties we ever went to in NYC and it was great to come full circle and host the event. The turn out was great with a lot of really insane costume and tons of cuties such as BryanBoy and Jason Wu holding reign at a table in the corner of the dance floor. Already planning our costumes for next year! 

Jarrett Edward and Zac Weiss
BryanBoy and Gazelle Paulo
Darrel Thorne
Ryan Burke
Calli, Jeanise and Rachel Singer
Nicky Ottav


Check out the new fashion film for WIA Black. We styled the amazing Chanel Castenada in WIA's new black collection.  Directed by Nicky Ottav and cinematography by Will Politan. For more about the WIA Black collection click here. 



Here's some disposable camera pictures that we've taken over the past few weeks! 

Jarrett Edward
Zac Weiss
Gage of the Boone
Ebonee Excell
Zac Weiss
Molly Ryan
The lovely lades of Family Jewels
Darrel Thorne and Susanne Bartsch
DJ W. Jeremy
Domonique Eccheveria
Amanda Lepore, Zac Weiss, and Jarrett Edward
Jarrett Edward
Zac Weiss

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Here's some selfie's from last night at the Standard Hotel! See you at 'On Top' next Tuesday!