Everyone better be here. We're gonna be all tied up making your wildest dreams come true. Don't forget its Dominatrix night. Jarrett Edward or Zac Weiss at the door for entrance. See you der. 

Oh! You Pretty Things 5/29/11

Chip Cirrhosis
Michael T
Misstress Formika and Montana Vasquez
Miz Margo
Samuel Valentine (right)

Oh! You Pretty Things

If you're in NYC this Sunday there is no excuse not to stop by this event. Oh! You Pretty Things The New Romantics is thrown by the legends Michael T, Ben Ickies, Shien Lee, and Twig the Wonderkid. The party features a number of nightlife personalities such as Misstress Formika, Herra C, Markko Donto, and Lady Valtronic. Not only is there a Pureville! fashion show, but also live performances by The Ambitious Orchestra and Michael T and the Vanities. Come early for the open PBR bar from 9-10!

This Sunday, May 29th
Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleeker St. for directions.
Tickets available here!

PS: Of course we'll be there snapping pictures, so come!

Vandam 5/15/11

Jarrett Edward, Zac Weiss, and Rhyan Hamilton
Tyler Stone
Kenny Kenny

TRASH! at Webster Hall 5/12/11

Ryan James and Lady Valtronic
Loli Lux
DJ RPEG, friend, and Monikkr

The Wolf Party 5/10/11

Venus Pain
Adam VanBuren
Zac Weiss and Avery Noize
Herra C

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Vandam 5/8/11

Stephen Keating
Amanda Lepore and Kenny Kenny
Amanda Lepore, Niki M'nray, Andrej Pejic
Jarrett Edward

TOP 8 5/6/11

Sophia Lamar
Amy Cakes Danky Dank
Haeyeon Choi (right) and Friend
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TRASH! at Webster Hall 5/6/11

Jarrett Edward and Zac Weiss
Adam VanBuren
Switch of Major Lazer
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MEMBERS ONLY at Hotel Chantelle 5/5/2011

DJ RPEG (far left), Monikkr (middle)
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Ladyland at the Hudson Hotel 5/5/11

Ash Fox and Darian Darling
Tommy Hottpants (Right)
Anna Evans, Susanne Bartsch, Kayvon Zand, Dylan Monroe, Kelly
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Richie Rich's Outlaw Fashion Show

Last Tuesday Richie Rich held an Outlaw Fashion show at Juliet to raise awareness against bullying. When we ran into him on Sunday at Vandam he asked us to walk in it. The show featured past looks from his collections paired with some of our own personal style items as well as donations from Screaming Mimi's. Keep an eye out for Richie's new television show on E!
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Vandam 5/01/11

Michael T and Amanda Lepore
Anna Evans and Kayvon Zand
Rhyan Hamilton, Zac Weiss, and Jarrett Edward
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