We were glad to have the opportunity to sit front row at our dear friend Richie Rich's Fashion show last night. Many of you might recognize Richie as one of the original NYC Club Kids or one of the designers behind the brand Heatherette. The show was half fashion show and half party in classic Richie style. It included special guests, such as JWoww, Johnny Weir, and Tinsley Mortimer (whose boyfriend, Brian Mazza, we were seated next to) all walked the runway. This was no ordinary runway show as it included performances by The Harlem James Gang and Richie himself, but more interestingly it was a evening to benefit and Tickets were sold to the public as well as inviting guests, allowing not only for funds to be raised for the amazing charities but also allowing everyday people the opportunity to get a glimpse into what fashion week is all about! 
Now onto the fashion... 
Richie describes this collection as "a Marie Antoinette, flapper girl falls out of the sky from the 1700's and the 20's, and then she falls into the east village, kind of in the 80s". To me, it was the perfect mixture of long flowy silk gowns and edgy ripped up tights.

Tinsley Mortimer
Johnny Weir
Angelea from ANTM smiling for Dingy Disco
Walte Steiger shoes
Richie performing his new song!
Richie Rich during his final walk with JWoww
Markus Kelleman (right) with friend

Louboutin and Acne
The most fabulous and stylish, 94 year-old, Zelda Kaplan

Friend we met outside with Dr, Judy Kuriansky

Zac, Pat Fields, Jarrett
Richie Rich, Zac, Jarrett

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