Thierry Mugler Womenswear A/W 2011

Thierry Mugler made it's return to womenswear today and blew the audience away. Keeping with the trends but also introducing fresh ideas, Formichetti's line included beautiful sheer cutouts, structured shoulders, and skyscraper heels. Nicola Formichetti first wowed us with his menswear line earlier this season and has certainly made a name for himself and the Mugler brand. 
Formichetti is the new creative director of the brand and was previously famous for being Lady Gaga's stylist and the bond between them still remains. Gaga has been the music director of both his menswear and womenswear lines this season debuting her own music in both. This bond is reminiscent of the bond that Gaga shared with the late Alexander McQueen. Is she turning Mugler into the new McQueen? 


  1. Gareth Pugh is the next Alexander McQueen. And Lady Gaga certainly had nothing to do with Alexander McQueens success or popularity; the only thing gaga did for McQueen was put his name in a more prominent spotlight with her music videos and public appearances. That man earned every ounce of credibility he had, and quite frankly still has. Pop stars don't make fashion designers, fashion designers dress pop stars. regardless, this was a beautiful show, and yes Nicola Formichetti is extremely talented.. so lets perhaps give her work more credibility instead of to the ones wearing it.

  2. I completely agree with you that McQueen made a name for himself based on his talent alone. He was an amazing designer and was known as such, and it was not lady Gaga who made him famous, in fact if anyone could be credited with his fame it would be the late Isabella Blow. By asking if Gaga is making Formichetti into the next McQueen I was not referring to him being any better of a designer than him or more talented, but saying that she will be bringing him out of the fashion world alone and into the lives of everyday people, as she did with McQueen by putting his clothes in her videos etc.
    There will never be a "new McQueen" when it comes to fashion. He is an icon. And even though designers such as Pugh and Formichetti are making great strides in the fashion world, every designer is different, has a different outlook on fashion, and makes a different impact on culture.