Dropout Sunday's and Vandam 4/3/2011

Tommy Hottpants, Darian Darling, Kiss
Guy Furrow

Lindsay Lowe and Markko Donto
Lyle Derek and Geraldine Visco

This Sunday's Dropout party was in honor of the late Don Hill who sadly passed away last week. The party was a celebration of his life rather than a mourning of his death. Amongst the flowers and veils there was a an upbeat spirit and a hope that his legacy will live on. The party moved on to Vandam where there was some unexpected action when someone tried to assault Kenny Kenny, but all is well in clubland because nobody messes with Kenny.

Chuck Attix and Amanda Lepore

Joey Trotto and Jeffrey Gaunt
Jordon Schimmenti, Jessica Love, Susanne Bartsch, Jeffrey Gaunt,  Colby Bartrug


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