Shalom! Bonjour! Hola!

This past month I decided to take a hiatus from nightlife and do some mental and physical exploring. I started my adventure in the motherland, Israel. Starting at the north, I traveled with a group of young adults and we worked our way down to Tel Aviv over 10 days, during which we explored the mystical city of Tzvat, climbed Masada, slept in a Bedouin tent, rode camels, and drank countless bottles of wine. Despite what most think, Israel is actually a very safe and progressive country, with interesting fashion, and a thriving nightlife (Arrogant door girls included). I then spent the next 5 days of my trip with my newly acquainted friend Joey at our friend Gabriella's house, who happens to live on the most prestigious block in Tel Aviv and is also serving her final month in the Israeli Defense Force (yay!). These days were ALL about the beach, bathing in the perfect weather, exploring the club scene, and planning the rest of our trip. 

Next stop was PARIS! Joey and I only spent about five days in paris, most of which were spent curing hangovers with sandwiches and baguettes from the bakery on the corner and laying in our hotel room for a few hours. But once out of bed we were able to be real tourists and explore the city's beautiful architecture, people, food, and shoes. A little shopping and some hazy nights on top of the Eiffel Tower later, we met up with our friend Jake (DJ Goldrush) to move on to Spain. 

When we arrived in Barcelona we checked into the worst hostel that turned out to be the most fun as we partied with a group of boys from hungary, girls from norway, and a spunky girl from LA. Our days were filled with the paella, tapas, the beach, 5 euro pasta, and harem pants, while our nights were filled with beach parties and the sounds of Avicii and Dirty South. But aside from the partying this trip was more about getting away from crazy NYC, finding inspiration, and some beautiful clothes, all of which were great but I'm so happy to be home so watch out NYC because I'm baaaaaaacckkk!

Some pixxx from my trip below.


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