London Lovin'

I just got back from a lovely little Eurotrip which started in London, coincidentally, the same day the olympics started. Be it a blessing and a curse, I had a killer view of the olympic park and the opening ceremony from my flat but didn't go to any events because I was too busy shopping and partying. Like a sister to New York, London had plenty to offer: great thrifting, awesome style, cool people, and a major nightlife scene. 

Emanuel and Friend

And it wouldn't have been a trip to London without visiting Whisky Mist for Daniel Lismore's Wednesday night party and the Box NYC's Soho counterpart, both of which are full of major looks from kids like Naddy Sane, Daniel Ellyott Moore, and Louie Banks, who give some of the NYC kids a run for there money.  I was also extremely lucky to run into my old Aussie born friend, Mikey Woodbridge, on the street. A New Yorker turned London babe, I couldn't help but notice him turning it out on the street from my taxi, so I jumped out and we reunited over a late night visit to Subway! 
Zac Weiss, Naddy Sane, Friend, Joey Mermaidstein
Zac Weiss and Mikey Woodbridge 
I had an amazing time but a week was definitely not enough time to show England what this New Yorker had to offer. I'm already planning my next visit, so I'll be back mates!

Cheers, Zac!

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