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Birthday boy, Matthew Herra C

Below is a stunning review of last night's festivities by the lovely Kevin Novinski. Enjoy!

If there was anywhere to be this passed Tuesday night it was definitely Markko Donto’s WOLF Party thrown weekly at Le Souk on LaGuardia Place, which is normally a mostly quiet street between Bleecker and Houston. I had stopped off at Amanda Lepore’s Penthouse Party earlier in the hopes of showing a visiting friend, Alex Rupp, what NYC nightlife was all about. Disappointment filled me as I looked around to see the room half empty. (It’s midnight already. Where the Hell is everybody?)
Screw it! I decided to head over to Le Souk to check out the scene. What I found was an entirely packed house mixed with various personalities: New Club Kids, Punks, Goths, Geeks, Rock N’ Rollers, Ravers… the list goes on and on. I was greeted by up and coming nightlife personalities and guest hosts, Zac Weiss and Jarrett Edward (I wish other nightlife hosts took a few pointers from these two as they certainly know how to make a guest feel welcome). Tonight was a late celebration for the ultra-fabulous and well painted Matthew Herra C who has become quite the fixture on the scene.
Making my rounds I spoke with Demanda Dahling and Chip Cirrhosis who always know how to look as fashionably fierce as possible. Our resident DJ Monikkr and guest DJ Rekles kept the entire crowd going all evening and well into the early morning hours. It truly amazed me how well everyone got along despite coming from different areas and backgrounds.
Attendees were treated to three performances MCed by none other than Liquid Blonde front man Tyler Stone. First up was Krystal Something-Something who, along with four cohorts, performed a dance number that culminated with all of them circling and gyrating on the dance floor. Next up was the always sexy and bitchin’ Gerry Visco singing two original songs entitled “How to Be a Top” and “The Gerry Party” as she stripped off numerous layers of clothing each becoming more revealing than the last. She surprised me even when she decided to grab me from the audience and basically mount me in front of everyone all the while asking me if I was a “top or bottom.” Thanks, Gerry. To round out the acts came Kaenesha with two great big balls of fire hanging from chains as she danced around to Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus.” (Have I died and gone to Club Heaven?)
What started off as a quiet Tuesday night turned into pure unadulterated entertainment and mayhem closing out at four in the morning. I knew Tuesdays were the new Friday night out and this party proved that notion correct. See You Next Tuesday!

Gerry Visco
Worm and Jess
Gerry Visco
Alex Rupp and Kevin Novinski
Zac Weiss
Charmin Ultra
Ryan James
Ashley Von Lau
Matty Glitterati
Charmin Ultra and Krystal Something-Something
Markko Donto

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