James St. Who?

There's nothing worse than being let down by someone who claims to be"the original" at what you do. This was the case last night at Club Party Monster at Webster Hall. The flyer boasted nightlife legends such as Superstar Dj Keoki and host James St. James but as the night went on, neither were to be found. In fact no club kids were to be found besides ourselves. Eventually as the clocked ticked away Astro Erle arrived, being the only original club kid, as well as the only other person dressed up. As word got out that James St. James would not be arriving we were asked to dance on stage to keep the crowd entertained. We then had to deal with brutish dimwitted security (pictured below) who would refuse us access to the stage, forcefully pushing us back, giving us the middle finger, and then refusing to give us his name (for fear of loosing his job). "Superstar"  DJ Keoki finally took to the stage at 3:15am instead of midnight as promised, after the majority of the crowd had already left. We were not treated with respect by any worker, including the incompetent girls at the front desk(pictured below) who would not give us the proper wrist bands to sit at our table in the VIP area, rude. 
Overall we had fun because we were surrounded by our gracious friends, but Webster Hall is by far one of the most disrespectful and abusive venues in all of NYC. We DO NOT recommend ever going there unless you plan on attending TRASH! in the studio where the people are genuine and there to have a good time. 
Iggy Berlin and Jarrett Edward
Zac Weiss
The worst desk workers in the city. 

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