It's Friday, Friday!

No Friday night in the city is complete without a visit to Top8 or the Box. Top8 is a bi-monthly party underneath Lucky Chengs hosted by Elle Rex, Aaron Kolfage, Amy Cakes, and Avery Noize. This one is not to be missed. Evoking the feel of The Misshapes this party is filled with fashion and fun. The Box is another Friday party that is definitely worth the visit. Hosted by Kayvon Zand and Collective, The Box boasts insane performances that can be seen no where else and not to mention almost everyone in the front of the club is working a 'look.' We even have to sneak pictures because photography isn't allowed because the performances are so crazy. As to quote Rebecca Black, "gotta get down on Friday!"
Zac Weiss, Rhyan Hamilton, Jarrett Edward
Sam Chess (L)

Jermain Jagger and Aaron Kolfage
Jarrett Edward
Elizabeth Ammerman
Zac Weiss
Kayvon Zand
Ariel Krupnik
Amin Roozitalab 
Birthday girl Kindra Meyer
Domonique Echeverria
Dylan Monroe
Anna Evans (R)
Amin Roozitalab and Rhyan Hamilton

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